Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guilt trip from Grimth

Grimth is sitting on the kitchen bench and giving me the death stare.

I think he's been reading my email. He knows I've had a series of bewildered enquiries from people about why I haven't been blogging, and he's guilting me out about it.

It's very disconcerting to be impaled by the eyes of a cute little furry animal.

I resolve to do better, readers. In between the new job and  .... well, really it's just the new job, actually. I get home and I'm exhausted! In a happy, fulfilled kind of exhausted way, but nevertheless I'm generally asleep before you can say "internet".

It's fascinating to note though, that as my time for blogging and sewing has diminished,my desire to do so has exponentially increased. I find I'm a little more fractious, a little less patient, than I usually am when I have everything nicely in balance. As a rule I generally have a very long fuse; but when I'm out of whack this fuse gets a lot shorter.

So Grimth had better be careful!*

(note: this is an empty threat and employed as a dramatic device only. Please do not write me angry letters about animal cruelty. That cat has got it good, and he knows it.)


Jennie said...

*Wave* Hello over there.

Isabella Golightly said...

Not so much waving as cheering loudly. Cat? Schmat.