Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The elder of the twinset

Ta da!

The twinset continues to grow - here is the first installment in all its glory.

Isn't it wonderful? It arrived in the post last night, along with strict instructions to NEVER NEVER NEVER wash it - drycleaning only - due to the incredible fineness of the merino wool.

You can see just how delicate and lovely it is. It's going to be perfect worn with a little camisole underneath or alternately, a long sleeved black or white top. So striking!

I am longing to try it out .... but first this unseasonally warm Melbourne weather has to end. Because otherwise I will have to wait FIVE WEEKS until I get back from Kununurra, due to it being excessively hot up there of course and me not needing to pack any kind of a woolly thing at all......


1 comment:

Knicky Knacks said...

You are truly talented - I can't get over the detail in that knit. Unbelievable. Hope you get to wear it before you head off - suppose to be 27 degrees tomorrow so guessing it won't be this week!