Sunday, April 11, 2010

Introducing .... Gerald, The Elephant In The Room

This is Gerald.

As soon as Gerald came to life on the sewing table, he jumped on a train and travelled into the city.

Gerald was going on a trip, you see, to meet his new owner in Sydney. He had to spend some time in the office first, but he was still excited - even though the office was boring with a capital B. He couldn't believe people had to go to this office every day.

Gerald had packed a bag the night before. He'd bought a ticket for the Skybus. He knew he had to hurry to catch the right one to get to the airport in time.

It proved more difficult than he imagined though, because people kept stopping to talk to him - and Gerald was a polite elephant who didn't want to be rude. So he talked to the people, who all exclaimed over his marvellous hide, and his wonderful ears, and his bespoke pom-pom tail in a coordinating yarn.

One man asked how Gerald knew he was a boy elephant, and Gerald thought long and hard before responding. "I know I am a boy", he said thoughtfully, "because I am inordinately fond of my trunk". The man laughed, and Gerald hurried off to the station.

Once at the airport, Gerald rushed through the x-ray machine, causing bystanders to stare and point as he slid down the conveyor belt, and he ran to the window. "What amazing planes"! he trumpeted.

Before be boarded though, Gerald had a few things to take care of.

First, he needed a new necklace, so he checked out the latest fashion accessories at Mimco. The shop assistant was somewhat bemused to see an elephant in the store, especially when he got on the counter, but she took it in her stride.

Then he trotted off to the bookstore to pick up a novel for the flight. He didn't want to get bored on the trip - he'd had enough of that at the office earlier in the day.

And he wanted to grab a coffee too - Gerald's favourite coffee is a short macchiato. He's quite a sophisticated elephant, really.

Once he had drunk his coffee, Gerald made sure to take some time to stop and smell the roses. He knew how important a thing this was to do, and he wanted to be able to tell his new owner he'd done all the right things on the way.

And then it was time to board - how exciting!!

Before he knew it, Gerald was aloft!! And after only a very short time, he arrived in Sydney.

He was so looking forward to meeting his new owner, the Sober Judge - he'd heard all about him and how nice a little boy he was.

Sure enough, he was a nice as Gerald had been told he was, and Gerald was so happy to be in his new home.

But he couldn't believe how big he was next to the Sober Judge - he'd expected to be a little bigger, but this was just ridiculous!

"Never mind", he said to the Sober Judge, "maybe now I can be your ride-on elephant instead!".

And the Sober Judge laughed happily. Gerald knew they were going to be the best of friends.


Sarah said...

ph my gosh he is HUGE!!!!!

What an exciting adventure : o )

Megan said...

Dear Gerald,

Thanks for sharing your adventures, I really enjoyed hearing about them. Have a fantastic time in your new home, first as a ride on elephant (the best kind in my opinion) and also possibly as a pillow in a cubby house and as a snuggle friend. You will have loads more adventures I bet!

Love from,

Jennie said...

I had no clue how big he was until that second-last photo! Unless the Sober Judge is particularly tiny.

SoMH (Sober Judge's mum) said...

The Sober Judge is indeed particularly small for his age - very nearly 3 - but if you imagine him to be an average 24 month old, you'd still see how impressive Gerald's presence is.