Saturday, May 15, 2010

To market, to market... and Wolf Creek crater

Oh thank the powers that be - Kununurra has a weekend market! It has honey.

It has watermelon (or if I am to believe the sign - giant, stripey grapefruit apparently)

It has assorted pickles and chutneys.

And - drumroll, ladies and gentlemen - IT HAS CRAFT. Happy day.

It has extraordinary, delicate handmade lace.

And it has slightly creepy Kewpie dolls dressed in crochet.

(Speaking of creepy, this is an automatic post today, which I set up a few days ago, because guess where I am driving to this weekend? Cue drum roll and creepy music ...... Wolf Creek Crater! To camp! In the dark! With the movie! Projected onto a white sheet we'll string between the two four-wheel drives!

 Hopefully I will live to tell you all about it when I'm back in Kununurra on Monday. Wish me luck.)


Screamstress said...

I will hold my breath for a post on Monday ha ha! Lovely lace too :)

CurlyPops said...

Thank goodness for craft markets... even with scary kewpie dolls! Hope you make it back from Wolf Creek in one piece.

Jac said...

Hi fgh.. cannot believe you swam in crocodile infested water! You so crazy! Anyway... thought you might like to know that I was babysitting one of the munchkins today... and he proceeded to collect the few stuffed animals I have retained from my childhood, a couple of crafted items and a heatpack made by you, and sit them all together on the couch to converse. Then after one more recon around the house, he came back with the pyramid door stop, also your handiwork, declared it a 'mountain' and added it to the scene he created on the couch. So fgh... swims with crocodiles and makes mountains!

Heather said...

Oh (sigh) the market has quilts! And very tricky and detailed quilts at that. Love it, love it! Thanks for the photo. Enjoy the crater & the weekend.

Isabella Golightly said...

Those kreepy kewpie dolls really get around, don't they? Ick. Nice lace though. And make sure you get some of that WA honey, it's fabulous - last time I was over visiting my mum I picked some up & it's waaaaay nicer that that C***o stuff we get in NSW!!