Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful buttonholes - hooray!

Ta da! Buttonholes!

Nine of them, to be exact, though I'm not counting the mistake at the bottom which was meant to be number ten. Clearly, I was getting cocky. Clearly, I was thinking I had this buttonhole caper whipped. But no! I managed to bugger up the last one completely. We'll say no more about that.

So this is my new shirt, made out of fabric I bought from Rathdowne Remnants a year ago for $5 a metre, and which looks like Liberty at $50 a metre instead. I'm pretty happy with the deception. Mock Liberty shirt for one-tenth the price? Count me in!

I used Simplicity pattern number 4077 - it seems it may have gone out of print recently, as I cannot find it on their website for the life of me, so you'll have to make do with this badly lit and out of focus photo. Apologies. The pattern is a good one though, if you can pick it up second-hand or from Simplicity's out-of-print pages, you're bound to enjoy it. Again, I didn't need to do major alterations for it to fit well, and that's fantastic. I'm definitely going to use this for shirts in the future.

I've worn the shirt three times already this week ... is that too much? Once to work with a camel-coloured skirt; once to a friend's place for dinner, and last night to go and see Daniel Kitson doing 66a Church Road at the Melbourne Arts Centre (I highly recommend it).

I totally love it - and isn't it great when you finish a piece, and it fits, and you love it, and other people say nice things about it? That's the sewing trifecta, for sure!

(PS - these are the first pair of shorts I made, the ones that were meant to be throwaways and which instead turned out really well!)


Posie Patchwork said...

Super lovely work, pretty sleeves & fabluous fabric. Well done!! As my mother would say when someone wore an outfit too frequently "well i can see that is your favourite blouse". Imagine 1950's passive agressive death stare. Love Posie

Kylie @ alittlereddress said...

Well done! Your shirt looks gorgeous and I don't think there is wearing something too much (unless it's grotty). If I had the talent to make an item of clothing that was so super cute, I'd wear it and wear it and wear it!

Michelle said...

Oh yay! I love your shirt! And your shorts! I've been enjoying your sewing adventures - looks like you are too!

Jennie said...

I loved 66a Church Road. It's wonderful, too, to stand in the foyer with a whole bunch of Kitson fans and see how many kindred spirits there are in this city.

Isabella Golightly said...

Nice work on the buttons! And no, it's not too often - I've read a maggie alderson article where she says she wore the same black pants for a week because they were so comfortable!

Sarah said...

OH my gosh - fantastic!