Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Bloggoversary To Me! (and a giveaway, of course)

(Sing this to the tune of Happy Birthday:)

Happy bloggoversary to me,
Happy bloggoversary to meee,
Happy bloggo-VER-sary dear meeee-eeeeeee,
Happy bloggoversary to me!

Hip hip hooray! It's exactly one year since I started this blog. One whole year, who'd have thunk it? And it seems very appropriate that I should return to the blogosphere after such a long Christmas break, for this very auspicious occasion. Happy bloggoversary to me!

This might ordinarily be a perfect time to muse over the past 12 months, sifting for jewels, searching for patterns, examining the dry dusty remains of the last 365 days. Theorising. Postulating. Resolving. A lot of blogs are doing just that at this time of year.

However, I have absolutely NO desire to do that here today. None at all. Not one iota of desire. Desire, I don't even know who you are - get away from me before I call the cops.

It's because 2009 was truly a rubbish year, for all sorts of reasons. Oh, there were definitely highlights, and I will sift, search and examine those in due course. But I have no wish to recap the rubbish reasons here, so you will just have to take my word for it. 2010 will be better, I'm sure, simply by virtue of not being 2009. Let us hope it's so.

I have lots of things to talk about over the next few days ... far too many to fit into this single post. Plus, then they would get in the way of the GIVEAWAY-GIVEAWAY-GIVEAWAY which I must include in honour of my bloggoversary. Christmas might be over but the gifts are still coming!

Once again, it's a super surprise (could this be because I haven't quite figured out what the prize will be? Again?  Hm .... methinks it could). It could be many things:
  • it could be fabric, or a pattern, or both
  • it could be a Hoot
  • it could be a Catticus
  • it could be a tote bag
  • or pencilroll
  • or cushion
  • or unexpected knitted item
So you'll just have to enter to find out!

The rules are simple - if you're already a follower, I love you. You just need to leave a comment here letting me know what you like best about my blog and you're in the draw. If you're not a follower, join up and leave a comment letting me know what you like best about my blog, and I will love you and put you in the draw. Blog about my giveaway on your own blog, and you get two entries (just make sure to put a link in your comment so I can see it).

I'll draw this randomly in 10 days time - the 15th of January - and I will post ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! So come on, let me know what you really think!


Tam said...

OOO am I the first? I'm a loyal follower, I love reading your blog and your take on life and you humour..ad LOVE seeing your creations!

Congrats on the big 1

Jeannette said...

What do I love about your blog well here goes
1/ cheerfulness
2/ positive look on life
3/ and the humor
4/ the name one of my favourite fabric styles is toile.
I am a loyal follower and will post a link on my side bar.

Sarah said...

Loyal follower number two : o )

Why do I like (opps that should say love) your blog ummm well it takes me to another place so I can just read and enjoy and think of different things to my life here (it is a good one just a break is healthy!).

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Happy blogiversary. I just like you lady, and the fabulous way that you write, and sew, and muse and ...

2009 was a crap year, wasn't it. Here's to an ab fab 2010.

lisette said...

blogger seems to have eaten my comment :(

i am now a follower (although i thought i already was - bloody blogger) and wnat to say happy bloggoversary and happy new year. 2009 seems to have been crappy for a lot of people - 2010 has got to be better :)

i like your blog because it is always full of positive energy :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

happy bloggoversamaaarrry!! yay, hippipp, hooray.
i love your wit & humour & just because you are so nice & have a great smile and make cute stuff & love the colour orange..but don't like pumpkin :)
here's to a fabulous new year for us all ♥

Isabella Golightly said...

Loyal follower number x (that's geekspeak for italics, in case it didn't work) - I love that you're in the same country as me, and that the "I hate Lincraft Society" has you as a founding member, and me cheering from the Doug Walters Stand at the SCG. Plus, you're very clever, beautiful, talented, funny, oh, can I stop now? OK.

Jennie said...

Happy bloggoversary! I like your sense of humour, ability to laugh at yourself, and ability to spell and punctuate.

beccasauras said...

Ok, I am already a follower, is that all I have to do? Oh, say something nice....I like all of it, not particular part on it's own. maybe all the cat photos? And will I blog about it? Ok, later tonight then. Okey doke, cheers!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

I too am a follower, and if last year was a bust for you in many ways then this year can only get better, Here's to 12 months of success an all you dream about.

CurlyPops said...

Yippee and Happy Bloggaversary!
Let me see... the thing I like most about your blog... definitely your wicked sense of humour, and the fact that you can write a blog post about any subject at all and make me chuckle.

Finki (jay) said...

Yay...she's back.
Happy blogaversary indeed.
What do I love about your blog, let me see.
Your so witty and clever and write in a way that is so eloquent. You have such a magical way with words, that you take the reader on such a great journey of all the highs and lows and I often walk away with whole new words in my vocabulary. My favourite flickettysplitism is exhaustipated..hehehe...I loves it.
your a gem, and i'm sorry 2009 was all it could have been for you.
2010...bring it on (:

Jenna Z said...

I am a new follower. I love most of all pictures of projects (and fabric, I LOVE fabric!).

Christina Lowry said...

I am a follower and their are a few things that really stood out about your blog when I first came across it and became a follower. Like everyone else, your sense of humor appealed to me. As I am without a sense of humor it is nice to borrow yours for awhile. Also, your posts are always longer than everyone else's and as I don't write long posts - just pic heavy ones - it does give me something to read and inspire me to write more at the same time. Your love hate relationship with Lincraft - or perhaps a hate hate relationship? - is amusing beyond belief and I can relate. Ah... to have a crafty voice and a place to air our craft shop woes, it is bliss. Of course then there are the photos and the projects, and that chair. How I love that chair.

Ok, I will stop as now it just sounds like I am sucking up to win, but I just wanted to share all that with you. Hope 2010 is the best year yet. And if you ever feel like telling me what you may like about my blog? Well, I won't stop you. :)

PS. I am also not doing a review of 2009, after seeing Taniya's on Myrtle and Eunice. She has completed so many projects and made such cool stuff, mine would pale in comparison! :)

Megan said...

i do love hearing about the adventures of the pussins the very most of all, but all the rest is pretty damn great too! i'm also a fan of your longer posts so definitely keep them up!

Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

I agree about 2009 being a crapper of a year so we'll have high hopes for 2010!

I enjoy your blog because you usually make me smile with that great sense of humor and I really like looking at your projects.

Happy Blogiversary!!! (I hope you'll come by mine later this month too - I'm a year old in a couple of weeks too....)

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Amazing, Interesting, Different, Unique, Old, New, Simple, Complex... Need I say more!

I really enjoy your blog!

I will be posting about your blog on mine this week too!