Monday, June 7, 2010

Back in the sewing saddle

Finally, after six weeks apart from each other, my sewing machine and I have been reunited. I missed its needley goodness! I missed its oily little insides! I missed its whirring cogs and wheels, oh yes I did.

We spent some true quality time together over the weekend. I made four cushions, seven new Owl Babies (they're half the size of my usual Hoots), and started a brand new product line of Scarflets. How good is that?

Sewing for the first time in six weeks felt like I was letting out my breath at last, after holding it and holding it and holding it. I nearly went blue with the effort. 

Ahhhhhhh .... insert sigh of contented happiness here. And expect more crafty goodness in the next few weeks, as I madly try to make up for lost time AND stock up for the five markets I have in the next five weeks. Hm, some things change, but some things stay the same, don't they?

The photos here are two of the cushions I made, modelled on my Snugglebaby Cot Quilt style of colourful piecing work - oh, and an Owl Baby. All three are accompanying me tonight to the Carlton Craft Market at Borders bookstore in Lygon St. Come and have a closer look, if you feel like dropping in to say hi and inspecting my new-found tan........

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Jill said...

I love your cushions, and of course the cuter than cute owl!! Welcome back to the wonderful world of sewing!

And a big thank for you my WA teatowel, won in your giveaway. It arrived today! Fantastic!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Good luck at your upcoming markets. Hope you sell lots and have heaps of fun!