Friday, June 4, 2010

Melbourne, I heart you!

Seriously, is there anything better than coming home after a long time away?

 I love seeing that autumn fell while I was gone, all the trees have lost their leaves and the streets look completely different. I love that there's a nip in the air that bites my cheeks and that I'm wearing long sleeves for the first time in six weeks. I love that I can have a cup of tea and not die from heat exposure. I love that my house is warm and cosy and that walking into it feels like walking into a big, comfortable hug.

I especially love coming home to packages. Packages totally rock, especially when they're from my mum and they have presents inside. Presents! More mittens! A jumper for the stall! And a kiddies' cardie!

And something else - I present (ha! ha!) to you the second half of my birthday twinset.

I am rapt with this cardigan, it is wonderful and the perfect complement to my short-sleeved top which arrived before I left for the top end of Australia (and which I have consequently not even worn once).

And Grimth clearly approves of it as well.

I had put it down for less than ten seconds when he arrived, like some sort of supersonic-twinset-sensing-machine - he truly can smell cuddliness at a hundred paces, that animal - and he took up residence immediately. As is his natural right, of course.

Erm, Grimth, that's MINE, and I do NOT appreciate you furring it up for me before I've even worn it! Humph.


Sarah said...

oh oh oh is Grinth a British Short Hair???? He looks beautiful!

Oh and of course the cardigan...

Christina said...

My goodness! I want that cardigan!! Wow. Really really wow. How beautiful is that hand knit lovely.

Smart cat, I agree. :)