Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goodbye Broome

And now, all too quickly, it's time to farewell Broome as well.

Things always look different on the last day in town. They appear through a different lens, almost as though I've left already - they're at arms length, and no longer "there" as part of my experience. It's when I'm no longer engaged in what's happening, but observing it instead..

I celebrated my visit with the time-honoured tradition of a camel caravanserai along Cable Beach. Here's my camel, whose name is Mission. We wandered up and down the beach together .... and I've just realised I've been here three days and I still haven't swum in the ocean. Is that bad?

One thing I did do was buy pearls, as one should when in Broome - mind you, let me qualify that: I found the tiniest little seed pearl earrings I could. But now I can proudly say I own pearls from Paspaley, and it's true!

Home to Melbourne now, to the cold and the wet, and to autumn which will have fallen while I was away. Home to the lovely pussins, who will hopefully remember me, and to the Amateur Actress.

Home to my job; which feels a lifetime away from where I am now.

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Vanessa said...

what happened to hubby? Is he there too? Hope the return was good. Sounds like the trip was amazing on different fronts. Hasn't stopped raining for a week here in Sydney - quietly going cabin-fever insane, especially with a 9 month old.
Who LOVES your babushka cushion by the way.
And me too.
Hope you are well F.
Ness x