Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures of Lebanon

A bombed out building ruin in Beirut
Breadmaker in Tripoli
Unloading fresh sheepskins from the slaughter - check out the flies
At the local market
The river in Tripoli - polluted, just like the rest of Lebanon

Erm ... this was just lying in the street
Na-nie na-nie na-nie naaaa

Fresh dates for sale
Arabic coffee street stall
Tanks guarding the citadel ... and men guarding the tanks
100% pomegranate juice squeezed fresh in front of us - delicious!

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willywagtail said...

Incredible. You have to wonder why people keep hurting themselves and others so much. What do they get for keeping the hate going but more anguish and ruin. So sad. I saw your post on Tripoli but was too tired to comment. How sad if a child carrying a toy gun should be mistaken for having a real one and shot accordingly. Cherrie