Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The pussins of Alexandria

Alexandria is a cat's paradise. Warm for most of the year, strewn with rubbish and detritus to eat and play with, and plenty of hidey-holes to sleep in.

Walking along the Corniche on our first morning I was struck by the number of pussins sunning themselves on the rocks along the shore of the beach. Cats to the left of us, cats to the right of us, cats all round us.


I have NEVER in my life seen cats on the seashore before. Or near water like this. And we all know cats don't like water, but these babies didn't seem to mind at all - in fact they seemed to be relishing it.

I think it's partly because Alexandria is a fishing centre and port, so there must be lots of fishy scraps and goodies around to eat. If you're going to be a feral cat - and if not feral, then definitely not "owned" by anyone, or cared for in any way - then a fishing port is probably the best place you could be. 

 Certainly, the cats by the seaside were in much better condition than the ones in the centre of the city. Glossy, sleek, well muscled - they were in fine fettle.

They all had lovely sunny spots to sleep in.

Some of them were more camera shy than others.

But mostly, they looked pretty pleased with their lot.

I think the White Witch reckons I'm mad ... these photos are less than half of the ones I actually took ...

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Jennie said...

In places like these we realise that cats really don't need humans at all (except for the purpose of catching fish).