Thursday, September 9, 2010

The last full day in Delhi

Cost of local bus trip to Shahjahanabad area, complete with eagle-eyed men and chickens, 10 rupees (25 cents)

Entry fee to Jama Masjid Mosque, 200 rupees ($5)

Fee to climb the minaret for a breathtaking view of Old Delhi in all its filth and glory, 100 rupees ($1.50)

Purchase of roast cashews, dried coconut, pomegranate pastilles and aniseed sugar for tomorrow's flight back home, 440 rupees ($11)

Discovery and excited purchase of silver-coated cardamom pods like the ones My One True Love and I had in Egypt – they're served as a breath freshener at the end of a meal - and have been searching for ever since, 400 rupees ($10)

Masala tea from chai wallah in the tiny twisting streets of the market, 8 rupees (20 cents)

Heartbreaking cost of having to exert astonishing willpower and self-discipline to walk past the many, many fabric shops without entering because we are on a mission to the Metro station, 0 rupees

Metro train to Connaught Place, 9 rupees (22 cents)

Wonderfully vibrant saffron yellow salwar kameez outfit patterned with burgundy khadi block print, and tailored to fit my exact measurements within half an hour, 1010 rupees ($25)

Brass and silver bangle for the Sulker, a travelling companion, who bargained hard and well for it, 100 rupees ($1.50)

Two bars of fragrant neem soap at FabIndia, 116 rupees ($2.70)

One "Thums Up" cola drink, 20 rupees (50c)
Metro train to Karol Bagh where the hotel is, 9 rupees (22 cents)

Rich and thick pistachio lassi in the street market as an effort to rehydrate after the incredibly hot train trip, 20 rupees (50 cents)

Three-course meal of chick pea curry, lentil dal, rice, roti, vinegar onions and pickles, and lime soda, 99 rupees ($2.50)

Deep purple kurta with lots of fake bling sewn around the collar, just like the locals wear, 150 rupees ($3.90)

Another full day in magnificent and chaotic Delhi – priceless.


Jeannette said...

I have decided to add India to my list of places to visit thanks for the pictoral tour

Isabella Golightly said...

Even though I have friends who have been, I have never wanted to go until now. Your photos & travelogue have been fantastic and inspiring. Don't come back yet!

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