Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Curlique crush quilt

After yesterday's Pinterest post, something's been playing on my mind. Did you look at the Pinterest board my cushions were on? It had something else wonderful on it too.

See this quilt? It's called Curlique Crush. I think I am in love with this quilt.

The shape of those pieces, the colours, the binding - it's all fabulous. The material is from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush collection. If anyone would like to buy me an early birthday present, you can get the bundle of 22 fat quarters that it uses, right here. Don't hold back - it's on sale, too.

I've been wanting to try a quilt with curves for some time now. So far, all my quilting has been with straight (and ahem, not so straight) lines. The curve, however, is seductive.

So I think this is the quilt to start it off. I went straight to the website the photo came from, and discovered there is an online pattern available for just $10. A bargain! So of course I've bought it.

It's now officially on my list of Crafty Goals for 2012, which seems to be growing ever longer ......


free indeed said...

I'm intrigued with that pattern too; and like you have yet to master curves without dread; but someday maybe....:) Good luck!

Ange Moore said...

It's a totally amazing pattern but I really can't get my head around how you'd sew it! But those fabrics are amazing.