Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moroccan - the table kind, not the Mariah Carey baby kind

What kind of name for a baby is "Moroccan", I ask you? Of all the celebrity baby names I've heard recently, this one just about takes the stupid-cake. I can kinda sorta understand "Monroe" for her little girl, but Moroccan is just beyond silly. It's a descriptor, not a name.

When applied to a tiled table, like the one you see in the photos here, it makes sense. Let me illustrate:

"This is our new outdoor table. We had it made in Morocco. Therefore it is Moroccan. See the tiled Moroccan table."

That makes sense.

It's part of my new plan to pretty up the outdoor areas in our home so that we actually get to enjoy them, rather than just using them as dumping grounds for bikes and shoes and garden implements and bits of rubbish we can't be bothered getting rid of immediately.

I've wanted a tiled table for ages - our back deck gets the western sun in the afternoon, which makes it a) practically unbearable to be out on and b) a real challenge to have anything nice out there because the sun just weakens everything. Wood fades, cracks and then collapses in a pile of splinters. So no wood table for us.

This one was made for us specially. I like the style of tiling but see the yellow tiles? They're a special request. Usually the mjannah star pattern is made with red and beige tiles, but I am not a fan of beige. I was delighted when the supplier said they could request yellow tiles.

Now that summer is finally here, I am looking forward to sitting on our back deck and testing it out. Mariah Carey will not be invited.

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Isabella Golightly said...

Hello, how delighted I am to see you back in the world of blogging! I loved that baby quilt, I can't believe how fabulous you make "simple" squares look!