Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to take the wreath down

It's well past Christmas now, and so it's time to take the wreath down.

I really like this one, and I really feel like leaving it up, because every time I look at it I think of boiled lollies or chocolate freckles or smarties, and it reminds me of childhood and happiness. Obviously I associate childhood with chocolate.

But if I leave it up there, it won't be special at Christmas time, will it?

And I suppose part of loving things means appreciating them at the right time and not taking them for granted. (Hm, sounds like a life lesson snuck in there somewhere.)

I got the idea for this wreath from the famous tutorial on Pickles - I knew straightaway that I wanted to try it.

It was a long project and I have the calluses to show for it - in addition to stringing the felt balls, I also anchored every individual ball to the styrofoam wreath with a metal dressmakers' pin, for added security. It was worth it. It's a wonderful object to be greeted by when I get home, and everyone who comes to visit has commented on it.

If you want a felt ball wreath like this for Christmas 2012 .... then let me know now! They take forever to make .

Here are some other great felt ball wreaths - and the first picture is of the original Pickles one:

image from here

image from here

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