Monday, February 6, 2012

The Kaffe Fassett quilt - finished!

 At last, the Kaffe Fassett quilt is finished, and I LOVE IT. It's a fine piece of work, if I do say so myself.

I think it's the best quilt I've ever made - all the seams match up, the colours are spectacular, the flannel backing is particularly soft and lovely,and of course there's that invisibly hand-stitched binding to top it all off.

So I'm glad it's going to the Amateur Actress. She came to pick it up yesterday and we took these photographs. I especially love the one of her reclining, considering it was actually 34 degrees outside in the burny sun, and she put up with me fussily arranging and re-arranging a super-warm flannel-backed quilt over the top of her bump and making here stay there while I took a range of photographs from ever-so-slightly different angles.

She's a good egg, that Amateur Actress.

  1. Baby quilt for the Amateur Actress
  2. Baby quilt for Beck
  3. Baby quilt for the Headmistress
  4. Cup of tea and a lie down after three baby quilts in quick succession
  5. Complete the massive postage stamp quilt I started early last year. I was doing fine until I realised I'd accidentally doubled the recipe and was now making the quilt twice as big as it needed to be. King-size. In three-inch squares. That's a lot of seams. It's been stuffed into the back of a drawer (a big drawer) for months now, because I get a cold shiver every time I even think about going back to it.
  6. Curlicue Crush quilt as posted on a few days ago
  7. Complete a patchwork screen using the antique wooden frame that's shoved into a corner of the sewing room and has been unused for years. In the hope of selling it at a market later in the year.
  8. Start the Autumn Daze quilt from Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance book
  9. Bit of a breakdown as I realise doing all those quilts is probably impossible, and why do I always set my sights on unattainable goals and is this a major character flaw and do I set myself up for failure this way and why can't I just live more in the now without having to constantly achieve, achieve, achieve; ...valium now please.
  10. Finish those grey wool pants I cut out in the middle of winter last year ... sigh ....
  11. Put up shelves in my sewing room so that my wondrous and ever-growing collection of lovely new and vintage tins can be displayed to its best advantage so that I can actually see and enjoy them. Right now they are piled on top of each other in a heap on the sewing table.
  12. Make a curtain for the sewing room window. It's been naked-of-curtain for more than 18 months now and I can't stand another winter without one.
  13. Organise myself for a destash sale. Gulp.
  14. Get Etsy sorted out. With current stock. Take some damn pictures, Flickettysplits!
  15. Start blogging again. Oh, I've done that one! Tick that box. 


willywagtail said...

O so beautiful. It pops. It sings. You could never be sad with one of those around. Cherrie

Jennie said...

It's just beautiful. Did you buy any of the fabric from Polly Pratt?