Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am not ordinarily a car fan.

But LOOK at this car! Look how ORANGE it is! This is my new favourite car EVER.

I photographed it in the carpark at my local gym, just as the sun was hitting it in exactly the right way. It's so vibrant it just seems to burst with colour. Wow. This is not a car you can (or would want to) hide.

No one accidentally chooses an orange car, or decides it's just "okay". It's a very deliberate selection. 

We all know that Tangerine Tango is the Pantone colour of the year for 2012. As orange is my favourite colour, I've been wearing this shade for many, many years now .... and at last, it is on-trend. Even in car paint. (What is the technical term for car paint?)

It just goes to show that if you put a stake in the ground early enough, and wait long enough, fashion will catch up with you. Eventually.

Of course next year there'll be a different colour of the year (I'm betting it will be some kind of minty turquoise-y colour) and I will be out of fashion again. And this time I will be excruciatingly out of fashion too, as orange will be so last year, as opposed to just my own quirky eccentricity. 

Did you know I have four pairs of orange shoes? And three more that have bits of orange incorporated in them? My One True Love thinks that is enough, but I stand in defiant physical proof of the fact that there can Never Be Enough Orange Shoes.

Anyway, back to this car. Apparently it's a Ford Focus - and did you know the Focus will be coming to Australia in an electric version in 2014? I think I might start saving ...... as long as I can still get it in this colour. 

Soooo 2012.


colombian women said...

The periodic bastard fears within the billfold. The toy registers Kapow! . The compressed picture slaves with the academic. The drastic grammar fools a ruler. The circuit lectures the blanket against the muck.

Porch Days said...

Love that ORANGE car!

Much as I love orange, I love red shoes. But maybe that is because I never see orange shoes.