Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A collection of random thoughts

1. Walked to work this morning and in the park I saw a red weimeraner with a big smile on his face and his tongue flapping about as he had a lovely time scratching up the new grass. It gave me a smile too.

2. Wanted to ring my parents recently for a chat, except I can't because they're on holiday at the moment and no way to reach them, and I thought: this is what it will be like when they're dead.

3. Keep forgetting to post new "About A Boy" Hoot I've made for a colleague's son

4. The heels on today's pretty red shoes are too high. I think I'm giving up high heels except for special occasions. This will decimate my shoe collection. Therefore, must work on increasing the proportion of ballet flats. Will visit for inspiration and ahem, assistance in this measure.

5. Miss My One True Love, who's doing a lot of travelling for work at the moment. It feels like we've spent hardly any time together over the past few weeks, what with endless market days on the weekend and his work schedule during the week.

6. Too fat. Must stop eating cherry and chocolate slice.

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend, because I'm going to start a new skirt - the Study Hall Skirt by Anna Maria Horner.

8. Am very happy about being accepted to the new Sunday showings for the Rose St Market. I will have to make some new things - any ideas out there that you could give me?

9. Do ducks get cold in winter, swimming about on the cold water?

10. There really should be some kind of limit on the amount of Disney pink a young girl is allowed to wear. We should legislate.


Vanessa said...

Hmmmm, interesting thoughts.....from a psychological point of view, a great insight into the mind of a thirty-something career woman like myself.
It is great to vicariously listen in on your thought processes!!
Hope that life is getting better.
And my beautiful cat is sitting on the newly-stained rocking chair my dad did up for the baby's room. He looks fantastic!! And baby will love him.
Take care xx

CurlyPops said...

OMG Rose St - how exciting! Are you going to do every Sunday?

Shannon Brennan said...

I love your hoots. They are adorable. Have you thought about putting a pocket on the back of them so when they are on the bed or being carried about etc they can store treasures. Especially for like pre teen girls, their journals etc?

And for your neck warmers, I use flax seed in mine and lavender, mint and chamomile. Just a thought.

Your things are adorable, I love, love, love reading your blog. You write like LM Montgomery.

Tania said...

Whoa - Rose Street sounds VERY grown up! Congratulations. I worry about the ducks too.

Building Blog Communities said...

I've been lusting after that skirt as well. And as for the heels, I can sympathize, my back no longer copes with high heels all day :(

Good to see you last Saturday!


Piccolamia said...

Well done on being accepted into Rose St! Must get my act together and apply for some other much to do so little time.