Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait .....

..... to finish work for the day so that I can get home and start playing with the MAGNIFICENT bundle of new fabrics I picked up last week at the MARVELLOUS Belsize Square sale!

See them here in this photo, in all their wondrous glory. Behold. From top to bottom there is:

*Orange honeycomb by Kei Fabrics
*Water Lotus in Forest, Amy Butler
*Polka Line Raspberry, Anna Maria for Free Spirit
*Something fleecy I don't know the name of
*August Fields, Bright Buds in Ivory, Amy Butler
*August Fields, Bright Buds in Aqua, Amy Butler
*Bandana, by Moda
*Pink Lotus, by Kokka
*Red Dance Floor, Anna Maria Horner
*Orange Playground, American Jane

Love them!

I've been quite good lately, I've hardly bought any new fabric since the last blow-out I had in Coffs Harbour (of all places). And it's been some time since then, and I've had quite a "glass half-empty" period in my life since I got back, as many of you would know.

Ordinarily this would mean I'd engage in retail therapy, but I've been trying .... TRYING .... to respect the bounds of the New Frugality that My One True Love and I have imposed on ourselves.

And then I got the notice that Katrina at Belsize Square was having a sale, and I couldn't resist. I've needed retail therapy. Needed it.

So I went along, and I must say that I was very restrained given the fabulous things on sale - Amy Butler, Kokka, Trefle, Anna Maria Horner, American Jane (all my favourites!) - and I limited my self to a certain expenditure upper ceiling. Which I then only exceeeded by, ahem, 60%.

But it was worth it. The stash is wonderful, it's all lovely bright colours, and it was the perfect pick-me-up.

Hop on over to Buttons By Lou Lou and see who else is playing It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait ....


Kathleen said...

I love your beautiful new stash of fabrics! Happy Sewing ;-)

I always exceed my spending limit too LOL

Margare said...

Spotlight sales are dangerous as well! Make sure you are down for Patchwork on Central Park mailing list, they will send you a postcard when they have their 20% off sales ... yummy! Lynne chooses the best fabrics for her shop.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I can't resist fabric. I always have way more than I need! They look gorgeous.

Katrina said...

The fleecey something is Multicoloured spots in flannel (mmm, love flannel!) by Valori Wells. It was so lovely to meet you and I think you were quite strong and self restrained!