Friday, July 10, 2009

I opened the mailbox ....

.... and inside I found this lovely little surprise from Buttons By Lou Lou!

Now, Lou knows that I am a cat freak. And of course, so do you if you read this blog regularly.

(For those who are interested, Fatpuss is going to the vet tonight for a weigh-in, and My One True Love and I are biting our fingernails with anticipation. God I hope that cat's lost some weight. Or we are going to be in big trouble. But that's another story ....)

I think it must have been my obsession that led her to send me some of her adorable pussycat line, and lo and behold, two bobby pins and a headband have appeared in my postbox.

I absolutely love them - especially the yellow cat with its eyes closed. I love yellow, and this will be the perfect accessory for when I have my yellow shoes on.

Yellow is such a happy colour, it's all flowers and sunshine and lemons. Maybe not lemons. Lemons are sour. But on the outside, they look happy, because they're yellow. So okay, lemons. Flowers and sunshine and lemons and pinwheels.

So now I'm having a lovely, sunny day despite the weather outside. Thanks LouLou, for brightening things up for me!


Porch Days said...

You have a "large" cat? We call ours "Big Guy." He is on a diet and doesn't loose an ounce. You can see his picture on my blog.

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

What lovely button hair clips. Gorgeous! I hate it when I see something online and I just have to have it and my credit card says "go on..."

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I didn't want to say cat 'freak' but thought you might like them. Hope the weigh in went well.

Vanessa said...

How did the weigh in go!
I am lucky my "big boy" isn't struggling with his weight at the moment. Although still quite hefty to say the least.
But not as hefty as me!!!
Yellow is my favourite colour and I am a cat "freak" too!
So we definitely have that in common, Flicks!
Love seeing your creations every time I come on here.
Hope you are well
Ness xx

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

oooh, they are cute!!

Jenny said...

Those are adorable! I love cat stuff too!

Blondie's Journal said...

Those bobby pins are adorable, but will Fatpuss wear them?


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! I found your blog through hooked on fridays...

polly pratt said...

Love the cushion.
Hope the market went well for you.