Friday, September 11, 2009

A ban on photos - what gives?

It's been a long time between updates. Want to know why?

My work - as if it didn't eat up enough of my life already - has done something weird to the firewall, and it means I can't upload photos to Blogger in the office anymore. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything that can be done?

Because I think: well, I'll post when I get home.

And I spend all day composing the perfect post in my head, artfully arranging witty dialogue and clever repartee, and then of course by the time I finally drag my sorry self in through the front door, it's dark and I'm too tired to type and the post vanishes into thin air. Poof.

I've got to work something out. I need regular Blogger access! I want my lunchtime fix. I've realised just how important to me it is. It's true isn't it, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone, even if "it" is simply a fibre-optic cable with internet access and a pipeline of photos piled up in backlog.

This blog is my emotional sinkhole right now, and without it I feel .... kind of slightly less than my whole self.

So I won't spend today listing all the things that have happened over the past week. What I will say is that there's news coming soon. If all the pieces fall into the right place at the right time, it's going to be GOOD news, too - and that's fantastic. Can't wait!

Keep your fingers crossed for me ....


CurlyPops said...

What the???
I know another person whose IT people blocked blogger altogether. What a nightmare!

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

Can you put the photos on your flickr account, then attach them to blogger from flickr?

rabbit and the duck said...

I want to hear your news!! I have some of my own, might post about it on my blog later : )