Friday, September 11, 2009

Calling all Nannas!

Just got forwarded this email - I think it's a great venture!

The NannaTechnology Project starts today- living simply for our future
Spring has sprung and there is no better time to launch the NannaTechnology Project. With spring comes light and growth and the urge to get active again after months of hibernation- perfect for launching a project which aims to bring people together, and learn and share the skills from our Nannas across the country. The NannaTechnology Project is all about living simply for our future.

Today we no longer have to knit late at night, garden when nobody is looking and pretend not to enjoy baking. From today we can celebrate the skills we have learnt from our Nannas and share them with others who also enjoy them.

The NannaTechnology Project shines the spotlight on a silent movement emerging in our communities. The return of homemade, handmade, knowing your neighbours, growing your own and slowing down. NannaTechnology represents a lifestyle that is better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

The NannaTechnology Project is harvesting Nanna's wisdom, experience and skills to create a new wave of Nannas. The Project identifies the skill-set we need for our future and is now actively seeking them from Nannas across the country. These skills will be matched with a new generation of Nannas and distributed far and wide to be shared with anyone who is seeking a simpler, healthier life.

Visit the shiny new website
Its starts with the website that brings together people and organisations living the Nanna lifestyle and Nannas across the country to share and swap information, tools, tips, tricks, recipes and thoughts on how to live a simpler, more sustainable life.
It will evolve as Nannas young and old bring their wisdom to the project - so we need you.
It is split into sections to capture the skills we are seeking - Cook - Grow - Clean - Save - Make - Live

Check it out -

The Spring Harvest - harvesting Nanna's tips, tricks and stories
The website needs you. It's Spring Harvest time and we want your Nanna's stories, tips and tricks, recipes and wisdom to share with others. Chat with your Nanna over a cup of tea, cook with your Nanna, plant seedlings with your Nanna, stroll with you Nanna, learn from her and we'd love you to share this with us. Send stories, recipes, photos and snippets of information to

Calling all Nannas- join The NannaTechnology Project
Young and old.
We need you.
We need your wisdom, skills and experience.
Sign up now.
Share your stories.
Come along to learn from others.
Share with us how to sew, cook, preserve, garden, clean, save, make stuff and slow down.
Get involved and bring a friend.
Email contact details to:
Bring a Friend - the more the merrier

We want to grow our contact list to spread Nanna's skills and wisdom far and wide so forward this email to anyone seeking a simpler, healthier and more sustainable life. All they need to do it email their contact details to:

Why NannaTechnology - how the project came to be
The NannaTechnology project grew from a group of young women realising that they were becoming a Nanna ahead of their time and loving it. They found by taking time to smell the roses, learning to garden, bake and cook and learning to make stuff, it made them happy. It was a much needed escape from an ever busier world. And they weren’t alone. By embracing their inner Nanna and telling others about it, there were many more Nannas just waiting to be unleashed.

Let the cooking, growing, cleaning, saving, making and living begin!


bubbachenille said...

This is awesome, I've joined. Now can I copy your post to send to people or to post on my blog?

rabbit and the duck said...

This is so great! Thanks for posting about it - I'm going to post it on my blog too.