Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today's horoscope says .....

Aries: The personal touch proves decisive in your getting hired. Venus, the planet of diplomacy, gives you an easy manner, so go with your first instinct. A new job will challenge your expectations, but concentrate first on getting in the door. You can negotiate terms once your position is made clear.

This is my second job-related horoscope in two weeks. This seems very signficant.....

PS, these tulips came from the garden, they got blown down in those crazy winds two days ago and I didn't want them to die. Tulips keep growing if you cut them, did you know that? So I chopped these ones off and now they look fantastic in this vase, and they're not limp anymore. The variety is called Batavia, and the colour is somewhere between salmon, terracotta, orange and pink. The cups are as big as my palm with fingers extended. Seriously.

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Taccolina said...

Ah, I love those tulips. Batavia is such a Dutch name and so full of history. Dutch tulips, very good!
And living with a tall-ship loving boy, the name brings to mind the stories of the ship wrecked off the coast of WA -- there are some incredible (amazing!) bits of the surviving cargo in the Maritime Museum at Fremantle. Batavia was the name of Jakarta in the colonial era when it was the Netherlands' source of wealth -- and that's where the ship was going when it got wrecked (I think).

Oh my god, I'm being a total nerd on your comments. Sorry.
Nice tulips!