Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait .....

.... to start using this fabulous vintage apron pattern that just arrived in the mail!

Have I mentioned how much I love mail, especially the kind that comes with packages attached? Why yes, I do believe I have. So you will understand how excited I was to find THIS in the mailbox waiting for me.

It comes to me from a very special reader who dug it up after seeing my call for The Great Apron Gathering. Thank you so much Gwen, I absolutely love it! And I love it even more that you went to the effort of finding it, packaging it up, posting it and donating it.

As Gwen pointed out in the lovely note she wrote me, the pattern is so old that it's priced in pounds and shillings - fantastic. I quite adore the little black dress the model is wearing underneath her aprons too. Isn't that just the kind of thing we all do our cooking in? Of course it is. How chic!

And the shape of the apron is wonderful, too.... I've half a mind to put a proper back on the skirt and turn it into a pinafore of sorts. Wouldn't that be gorgeous? I fancy the yellow one with black and white trim, that's just my sort of thing.

In fact, I think I've got just the right material for something along those lines ... but it will have to wait until I've made a few aprons for the Sacred Heart Mission first. I love having a project.
Thanks again Gwen!


bubbachenille said...

I love this too, even the shoes are in vogue, I'm sure I've seen these in the shops lately ! Have fun sewing this beauty...

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Very cute. I have picked up some great old aprons at op shops. Look forward to seeing yours! See you sat.

Sew Simple said...

If you do go ahead and make the yellow pinafore, please post a picture of yourself wearing it. We so enjoyed the orange jersey dress photos and have been awaiting others to no avail!

The things you make yourself express your own personal style like no craft item can; something that you identify with and feel comfortable in can make a louder statement than anything else ever can!

Perhaps you could consider an "Outfit Of The Week" photo that shows off your creativity not only through sewing, but also by way of assembling pieces, accessorising and so on?

Fashionista Fridays??