Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The biggest hair ball ever

Spring has sprung.... with a vengeance!

It seems only right and proper that after the interminable weeks of winter, which I despaired would ever end, spring has finally sprung in Melbourne.Saturday was 32 degrees, Sunday was 34, and I'm told today is going to nudge into 35. I have only two words for that. At last!

Naturally though, the pussins all thought the weather was unbearable and they lay around inside stretched out on the wooden floors trying to cool down. At one point the Amateur Actress went into the bathroom and shrieked involuntarily - because there was the great furry Grimth curled up in the sink, happily snoozing in the cool porcelain. Now that's what I call a proper fur ball!

I quite like the hot weather, and you know what I love the most about it? I'm a bit embarrassed to say. It's tragic, it really is. It shows what a sewing loser I am.

Okay, here it is. I love that it's great weather for drying fabric. I know, I know - isn't that terribly domestically boring? You know you're truly growing older when you wake up in the heat and think My, what a fantastic drying day this is!

It's true though. All winter long (which seems to have lasted about ten years) I've been collecting lengths of fabric that I haven't been able to use, because I haven't been able to wash or - more importantly - dry it. You know I never buy less than 5 metre lengths if I can help it, and that adds up to a lot of material to hang about the place. I'm anti-tumbledryer because I can't bear the thought of how much energy that uses up when the sun is free. It's just a matter of waiting for the sun to appear so that I can shamelessly exploit it.

So over the weekend I made up for lost time, I can tell you. Here is what I washed:
  • black, turquoise and white voile
  • navy and orange floral cotton
  • navy and white polka dots
  • red, aubergine, navy and green broadcloth
  • purple corduroy
  • Moda Sweetwater "Authentic" quilting cotton
  • Aunt Grace Ties One On - scotty dogs in red and white stripes
  • The Kitty Chronicle linen blend
  • The Name Of the Black Cat is Lola by Trefle
  • Gothic Rose by Amy Butler
  • Temple Garland in Lotus, by Amy Butler
  • Moda Wonderland butterflies in tomato
  • Moda Wonderland butterflies in mustard
Of course I put all the water from the washing machine onto the garden as well, which means that the plants are very well watered despite the heat and the water restrictions. Waste not, want not ....


Little Waltz said...

Aw how cute! I'm actually bringing my long haired felines for a hair cut.. I think they will quite like it given the weather!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

TOO cute, little lady. I want to squash him with love!!

ange_moore said...

I love knowing that someone else out there likes a good drying day! We don't own a tumble dryer so have no choice in the mode of drying - although prefer it to happen outside rather than in (I can only take so much Chinese-laundry-esque decoration in one winter)!

Cute and clever moggy too!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

love that kitty

The Real Fatpuss! said...

Who's this "Fatpuss?" I'm the real Fatpuss! Here's the proof!


Your cat's alright, but I'm better looking! What's not to like?