Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a market marathon!!

Roll up, roll up - for the greatest show on earth! Three markets in four days, can she do it?? Thursday, Saturday, Sunday - what a spectacular performance!

Watch as Flickettysplits goes mad with pressure! Behold the whirlygig explosions as her brain crumbles under the stress!

Stand well back, this isn't for the faint-hearted. Ladies, clutch your smelling salts close to you. Gentlemen, be on hand to catch the girls if they swoon, goodness knows the sight of her alone will be enough to make them short of breath. Loosen those corset laces! Unbutton those stays! Give her air, men, give her AIR!!!!!!!!!

Bring sweets and treats, feed her cupcakes, pull up a pew and keep her company as she struggles valiantly on. Light a candle to her poor unfortunate departed soul, and say a prayer for her state of mind.

(Yes, I appear to have gone slightly mad. Too much sewing and not enough sleeping. Please, come along to my markets this week and make it all worth my while!)
  • Thursday 26 November 530-10pm,  Northcote Town Hall
  • Saturday 28 November 1030-330pm, Northcote Uniting Church
  • Sunday 29 November 10-4pm, Abbotsford Convent


Piccolamia said...

Oh Yes, I know those feelings, three markets in a week...we must be truely mad, at least you'll have company as we go mad together!!

rabbit and the duck said...

I have 3 also - I'll see you on Saturday and Sunday : ) Next week I have 3 markets in two days! Eep!

Isabella Golightly said...

I wish you lots of luck & wish I could be in Melbourne, just so I could follow you from Market to Market offering moral support!

Christina Lowry said...

No wonder you are feeling nutty! I hope it all pays off. Best of luck! :)

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Everyone is going a little crazy this Christmas! Hope you have fun!