Monday, November 16, 2009

Damn you and your pricey prices, Lincraft

Yawn, stretch ...I am so tired today!Yesterday's market totally rocked and I am exhaustipated as a consequence. And ok, I admit it might also have something to do with the extreeeeeeemely late night on Saturday night, and the extreeeeeeemely early wake-up this morning, which has resulted in me losing almost a complete 8-hour night of sleep over the past three days. Sigh.

Happily though, I sold all my amazing retro food label cushions at the market - that has NEVER happened before, selling out of a complete product line - and so this evening I must dedicate myself to making another pile as I have a market on Wednesday night in Kew and no cushions left to take to it.

So off I toddled to Lincraft (I hate Lincraft!) at lunchtime today to buy some more cushion inserts. And guess what? The feather ones I like - they don't go flat like polyfil and they plump up satisfyingly - have doubled in price and are now $18 a pop. Doubled. $18 a pop. Eighteen dollars for a cushion insert!

I hate you Lincraft. I loathe you. I am starting up a Lincraft Loathers Society, and I declare myself chairperson.

[Although .... maybe this recent price hike is some kind of twisted karmic payback "gotcha" for me hating on Lincraft so often and so publicly. And I know I do it a lot, even though I actually have to shop there reasonably often through necessity, and therefore shouldn't be so churlish about it. (Isn't that a great word, churlish?). Hm. It's something to think about, though I resent giving them any of my hard-earned money at all.]

Regardless of karma, I just can't justify paying $18 for a cushion insert when I price my cushions at $39 and have to also cost in the fabric, zip, thread and time to make them. There's just no margin in that, and as much as this is a hobby, I'm quite keen to not LOSE money either. Well, not too much at any rate. Should I price the cushions higher and stick with the feather inserts, aiming to keep the hallmark of quality for which I'd like to be known? Would anyone in the world pay $50 for a 50cm square cushion, do you think?

Unwilling to test this theory out on the unsuspecting public just yet, in the end I stamped my foot a bit and then gave in and bought the inferior polyfil inserts after all, because I need something to use for the time being (ahem, Wednesday market anyone?) until I can find a cheaper supplier of feather inserts.

Any suggestions you have, ladies, will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way, have I told you recently how much I hate Lincraft? There's a society for it you know, and it's looking for new members.


Rose said...

Really stupid question, but what about getting some feather pillows (if you can source them cheap) cutting in half and sewing up the open end?? I did this for a pillow for my daughter for kindy.. was fiddly, but worked out so I got 2 for one..

Jennie said...

I use 45cm polyfil inserts, but ONLY from Rathdowne Remnants who have the best quality ones I've ever found and for only $4 a pop. If you decide to throw away your standard of 50cm feather cushions, that's what I'd recommend.

CurlyPops said...

It might be painful but could you have 2 customer options - cheaper polyfill cushion and cover, or more expensive feather cushion and cover option?

rabbit and the duck said...

I get my feather inserts from Purax, less than $10 each and they deliver them to you. Perfect! They are very plump, if your cushions are 50cm then get the 50cm insert. And yes, I would pay that much for a cushion! I think you could go a bit higher even. Email me if you want more details on the cushions : ) I'm about to order some more right now!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

I am not sure, but could do you know the Pillow Factory in Victoria? I know for polyfil they are good quality, just a thought. I hope you sorce out a good place soon.

Isabella Golightly said...

Sorry, no help on the inserts, but I'm definitely up for the Society - I went recently looking for rat-tail & the dopey assistant said (honest to god) "this is a fabric shop". I want a life membership!

shannon said...

I would imagine your Lincraft is the equal of my American Walmart which i hate. Every time I walk in there I feel like I am going to have a panic attack.

Anyhow, have you looked online to order your inserts? Just a thought.

Sarah said...

Well here in good old Hobart all we have is Spotlight. I would be VERY happy to have a Lincraft here. AT least they have quality....

Christina Lowry said...

Perhaps we could combine Lincraft hate with Spotlight hate? They seem to have been tarred with the same feather! Grrrr... Spotlight! A new Lincraft has opened up down the highway. I will get back to you about it.

I can't believe they can justify doubling the price of a product over night though! I wonder if you had an ABN how many inserts you would have to buy to make a wholesale order?


Christina Lowry said...

By the way, the cushions are very cool! My sister used to have curtains made out of that fabric. :)

Brian Swersky said...

Hi, my name is Brian Swersky and I am the MD of Lincraft. I follow these posts as we are concerned about what our customers think and generally like to keep up with the "chatter" in the categories of interest to you.

I take on board the comments made and will follow up accordingly.

The cushion inserts in question have been a major concern for us as our Australian supplier has ceased production and now only make synthetic product.

We of course desire to offer a local product at good quality wherever possible.

We have had to source the feather insert overseas and unfortunately that is the best price we can land it for. The cost is high mainly because of the freight component of this type of product which takes up a disproportionate amount of container space to its cost. We will continue to source a local supplier and review our costings.