Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In which I moan a bit about irksome little bothers

They're really very small, in the scheme of things. In the scheme of things, they don't really count for much. But they are irksome, oh yes they are . And they are bothering me.

Irksome bother No.1: I am doing boot camp three mornings a week at the moment. Now, despite what you would be perfectly justified in thinking, this is not, in itself, the irksome bother. (That's a separate post altogether.) Monday, Wednesday and Friday I haul myself out of bed at five-thirty, so that I can catch the 6.08am train, and make it to boot camp near work at 645. This means that every night before boot camp, I put together my bag of tricks for the next day - work outfit, work handbag, knickers, shoes, accessories etc - so that I can just grab it and go, without fussing about trying to find matching earrings.

The irksome bother is that somehow, as I was putting everything together last night, I forgot to put my phone in my handbag. I don't know how this happened, as my phone is practically surgically attached to me. And when did I realise I didn't have my phone this morning? Not as I was closing the front door, not as I was walking down to the train station, not as I was waiting for the train, but just as I'd stepped onto it and the doors closed gently behind me .....

Irksome bother No.2: In putting together my bag of tricks for this morning, I included a pair of high-heeled blue shoes which tone perfectly with my Kinki Gerlinki steel-blue silk dress. However, I haven't worn these shoes in months, and today the delicate skin on the side of my arch knows All About The Shoes. Ouch.

Irksome bother No. 3: Noodles for lunch were the perfect solution after this morning's boot camp session. Carbs yes, red meat yes, some isolated vegetables - yes, yes and yes. I opened up the box carefully. I smoothed down the napkin over my lap. I dug around with my chopsticks to mix in the dry seaweed roll - and splashed teriyaki sauce all over me. ALL over me. All over ALL of me. I'm drenched in the bloody stuff; some of it landed on my wrist as well and it was so hot that now I've got a blister where it landed. And of course I'm wearing my lovely silk dress and I have no idea whether drycleaning will be able to get the stains out. In which case I may have to consign a favourite and absolutely lovely outfit to the rag bag.

That is the most irksome thing of all. And it bothers me.

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