Friday, November 13, 2009

Stupidest. Label. Ever.

I ask you, is this the stupidest food label ever?

I just had to take a photo to show you. Look closely now. What's wrong with this picture?

Honestly. I'm gobsmacked.

(For the record, they were REALLY tasty though.)


Melanie said...

'May contain nuts'! Heehee. I think regulations mean they have to print that now, but it is silly, isn't it :)

Little Waltz said...

I've seen quite a few of those. It amuses me every single time. hehehe.

Tam said...

I think the fact they have to put that on the label to warn stupid people is the silly thing. if they don't have it and some idiot with a nut allergy eats them (yes I know but I'm sure it does happen) they could get sued.

Christina Lowry said...

I see your point! You would think the content would make that obvious!

But I am so glad we have laws that make companies list things like this on their products. With a baby that has an egg allergy and who cannot have any dairy, nuts, sesame seeds, tomato etc. I wish all companies made things this idiot proof!

I have rung two companies to ask if their product "may contain traces off egg, dairy or nuts" and been told that if it doesn't say that on the packet, then it won't, as they have to label any possible allergens. Which makes buying things so much easier - not having to read all the ingredients, just reading the allergen info first to see if it passes - the last thing I want to do is make him sick! :)

PS. Chocolate coated macadamian nuts sound delicious!