Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's a ladyturtle! I mean, a turtlebird!

This is the dodgy ladybird I referred to in yesterday's post. It's not a terrific photo, I grant you, but that still doesn't make up for this sorry excuse of a stuffed toy.

Ladybird? Huh. I think turtle, definitely.

I think I needed to make the base of the turtle, I mean ladybeetle, a touch smaller. That way the outer shell would have been higher and rounder - simple physics. But did I think of this yesterday when I was making it? No, I did not.

I managed to give it separated wings at least, but I'm afraid they don't make up for this debacle. I truly don't think I can charge money for this.

I may have to try presenting it to my customer to see what her reaction is. If she recoils in surprise at the turtle-like aspects of this ladybird, and fixes me with a look of stunned disbelief, I will snatch it back and quickly hasten to add that this was a trial ladybird and clearly not a successful one at that, and that I was simply showing it to her to see if she liked the material I had used. (see how it has cute ladybirds all over it?)

And then I will try again. Smaller head this time. Eyes that are not green. A better "shell".

After I took these photos, I was so despondent that I had to make some dodgy Christmas ornaments out of felt to cheer myself up. I like these much better. But I'm still in search of a polystyrene/foam wreath base that I can decorate. Anyone know where I can get a foam wreath base? Lincraft - of course - doesn't stock them. Have I mentioned how much I hate Lincraft lately??


Jennie said...

I think your list of edits - smaller base, smaller head, smaller eyes - are going to get a ladybuggier effect.

Maybe a three-piece head (flat bottom and two top pieces creating a rising curve) would be worthwhile.

What are those little green protrusions, legs? Could probably give them a miss.

Says the person who last designed a softie in Year 7 Textiles.

CurlyPops said...

I think it's a really cute ladyturtle! If you call some of the expanded polystyrene manufacturers, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Try a florist (or a florist supplier) for a foam wreath. Can't promise that it will be cheap but at least they will have them.

Better luck with the ladybird next time.

Tamara said...

I saw round foam wreaths at my local Spotlight about a month ago.

As for your ladybug, she needs a much shorter, broader head - I usually think of ladybugs as oval shaped, including the head. The winged part of the body also needs to be much deeper, as you say.