Monday, December 7, 2009

Twittering of the original kind

My eyes popped open at 4.50am this morning.

I could feel it happen. I felt myself swimming into consciousness, and I tried to resist, I really did - but to no avail. 4.50am and I was wide awake. That was it. No going back. Awake before five o'clock in the morning, for pity's sake.

I think it was the birds in the robinia tree outside our bedroom. They start a-twittering at dawn, which technically occurs at around 4.45 these days .... sigh ..... and they wake me up. Normally I'm an early riser anyway, but waking up pre-five am?? That is just beyond the pale.

So it's lucky I'm doing boot camp at the moment and I have something to go to at that hour, otherwise it would be a royal pain in the proverbial. Usually I don't get up until half-past five (I have to be on the 6.08 train - sheeeeeeesh that's early) so today I just lay there and listened to the radio; there was some Schubert on that I enjoyed until it ticked over to five-thirty. And then I went to boot camp.

Really, I should be a lot tired-er than this. I spent the entire weekend recovering from some markets, and sewing up the various orders I've got for Christmas, and making new products for the four markets that are left - I should be exhausted! So I can't explain the unearthly waking hour.

I bet by the time three o'clock comes today, I'll be face down on my keyboard, at my desk, snoring my head off.

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Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Was lovely to see you today. Hope you had a good day and that your run to Christmas goes well. Don't fall asleep at the markets.