Monday, December 21, 2009

Markets begone!

Gasp. Pant. Wiping of sweat from brow. My markets for 2009 are FINALLY over.

Good bye markets! I love you, I really do, but sometimes you get just a little bit .... stressful. Especially in the lead-up to Christmas. You get a little bit needy. You start to demand too much of my time and attention. So I am more than just a little bit glad to shut the door on you a bit and leave you to sob quietly to yourself.

And that means I am REALLY looking forward to January. January rocks! January is my month off. No markets, no fetes, no whatnots at all. Maybe a special order here and there - but no schedule, no bookings, no places to be.

This means I have a full month of recreational sewing ahead of me and I Cannot Wait. I have a pile of patterns as high as my head that I want to try out, and mountains of fabric that are threatening to swallow up not just me and My One True Love, but the three pussins as well. They're teetering, they really are. I have to be careful not to slam any doors in the house in case they come crashing down and take out the floorboards.

I already know what one of my Christmas presents is too - this fabulous dressmaker's ruler from Nicole Mallalieu design - and I am longing to try it out. Bless My One True Love, he totally picked up on the hint: I sent him an email with a link to her site, effectively saying PLEASE BUY THIS FOR ME. Yay for him.

Ah January, you can't come fast enough for me!!


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

wishing you a happy new year

Jennie said...

I'm having a Nicole Mallalieu holiday too - currently making two bibs from her 50s bib pattern and in January I plan to finally make my Mod Bag!

Enjoy your January, we'll both be so sad when the first page of the calendar turns.

Nikki said...

You will LOVE that ruler! How clever of your true love to pick up on such a subtle hint....

Have a good one - and I might see you in the slow lane in January!

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Hope you are having a fabulous time buried beneath piles of gorgeous fabrics and surrounded by your feline posse. xxx