Monday, March 22, 2010


So it seems like I'm on a bit of a cushion-fest at the moment - I have gorgeous new cushions coming out my ears. Yay!

That's the beauty of being able to just make what I feel like, rather than panicking about what is going to sell. I get to experiment with colours and combinations and every single thing is a "limited edition".

(Remember this year I'm taking more of a relaaaaaaxed approach to sewing, and not freaking out about stock levels and upcoming markets and product ranges and seasonal colours. No, this year is all about just making what I feel like, and if it sells then great, and if it doesn't - well then,  I have my upcoming Christmas presents to friends and family all taken care of.)  

 So here we have two cute babushka cushions. Aren't they sweet? I love this cotton with coloured babushkas all over it ... I was going to cut it up and make lots of little small things to stretch it out, but then I thought What the hell, le'ts go for maximum impact! I've teamed it with a cute purple polka-dot on the reverse side.

And then here is another one, this time with printed babushkas on canvas, which I matched with the country-cottage inspired striped material.

The two different fabrics were sitting on my sewing table (ahem, that's the dining table actually) and as I turned around I saw them both out of the corner of my eye, and saw how well they went together.

On the reverse side I've used a supersoft pinwale corduroy in grass green. This cushion is so tactile I just want to sit there stroking it! But as much as I love this one it doesn't go in our house, so I think it's going to have to go on Etsy instead.......                            

(oh, and an update: my tres chic Parisian cushion got a great deal of interest at the market from a lovely gent who is moving into his new place on Tuesday and wants another one to go with it! Hooray! I knew I was onto a winner with that one.  .....)


Anonymous said...

Love love love the cushions... but where did you find the babushka fabric? It is super cute. Please share.

Vanessa said...

If you want to sell the babushka cushion, I am keen to buy it! Let me know when it goes on Etsy or I can deposit the money as soon as you like! Gorgeous!
Hope you are well F!
Ness x

Flickettysplits said...

Egad Vanessa, you must have been writing that comment just as I was uploading the cushion to Etsy; how spooky! I cannot find your personal email address for the life of me, so hope you read this comment soon! Lovely to hear from you again, as always - how's that darling baby of yours doing??