Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Follow The White Rabbit

If I was a character in Alice in Wonderland, I think I'd have to be the Cheshire Cat.

I'd snooze in a tree all day and create mischief and mayhem by night. I'd see the future, cast opaque predictions, and make acid remarks while drinking umpteen cups of tea.

I'd turn the world upside down, eat scones with the Mad Hatter, and poke fun at the Dormouse. He deserves it, after all.
I wish I could be the Caterpillar - smoking a hookah and dispensing impenetrable observations - but somehow the Cheshire Cat just seems more appropriate.

Which one would you be - the Queen of Hearts? Tweedledee? (I was Tweedledee in a play once when I was younger, and I had to do a somersault on the stage, which was not a super-pretty thing, I assure you). The Duchess? The fish-footman?

Lewis Carroll was an inspired literary genius. I am just a humble sewist who is unashamedly capitalising on his creativity.


amity ville boronia said...

Wowzer, where's the fabric from?!

Posie Patchwork said...

Just working with some Alice in Wonderful fabrics myself!! Nice work, love Posie

prashant said...
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Vanessa said...

I KNEW you would be the cheshire cat - I don't know why, but it fits perfectly!!
I have bought the babushka cushion, thanks for letting me know!!
my email is vsleeman@gmail.com if you want to email and I can send you a photo or two of the little man if you like! He is growing so quickly. I can't find your email address either :)

Have a good one! Hope you are recovering from all the hoopla of the past month.

V x

Natalie said...

What an amazing cushion! I love it!! I too would be the cheshire cat, I have one right now sat on the shelf above me, grinning down at me as I try to work, mocking me in that smug little way of his! I would just like to have the ability to make different parts of me disappear, and be able to remove my own head! Nxxx

Natalie said...

Would you mind if I mentioned this page in my blog? and maybe add one of you images? Only because I have recently written two posts about Alice in Wonderland and I think it would be very in keeping, not worries if not, thought I would ask all the same!