Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vroom vroom!

Doesn't this bright cushion make you want to rev your engine! Should I call it Hotrods, or Vroom Vroom?

I love Echino fabrics - there's nothing quite like high-quality linen/cotton in smashing prints and colours to brighten your day. I think the yellow colourway is my particular favourite - it's not quite mustard and not quite ochre, definitely not lemon and not even close to butter. Let's call it "hepatitis".

I had some scraps left over after making a series of my One Car Off The Road totes, and as I pushed them around on the table I was struck with the idea for this piece. It's 60cm x 40cm and I've used my favourite feather and down insert inside, so it's supersoft and you can plump it up beautifully. I used to use polyfil inserts in my cushions but I'm not fond of the way they eventually go sad and flat over time. These feather ones are much better - and of course, you know the Lincraft saga that relates to them.

So this lovely thing is coming with me to the Shirt and Skirt market tomorrow down at Abbotsford, and if you think the boy (or girl, we're not sexist) in your life could do with a Vroom Vroom pick-me-up, well then you know what to do.

That reminds me to tell you of another thing that happened to me during that long month away recently - my stall at the Shirt and Skirt Market was filmed by the Postcards crew! Postcards is a Melbourne tv show that tells you all about the cool things you can do in and around Melbourne, and in February they visited the market for a shoot.

I wasn't interviewed like one lucky stallholder, but they came and did some overlay shots of my bright and colourful stall - especially the Arnotts vintage brand cushion and my Hoots and Ellyfumps. I was also filmed tying one of my fabric necklaces round the neck of the host (though I am sure they will cut me out of the shot and just show the host, no doubt), who then played about with it for a while on camera; and then picked up one of my Ellyfumps and did cute play-acting things with it. Nice!

It was only the briefest of brief segments, but I really hope I make it onto the show! Apparently it will go to air in September sometime, so you better be watching to find out .....


Christina said...

Yes, it has to be called Vroom Vroom! That's fantastic! I do hope you are on air. How exciting! Hope they don't cut you out. You will have to tell us if you do see it. We get Brisbane and Gold Coast tv here, but not Melbourne! :)

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