Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Day in Dubai

One of the great things about living in Bahrain is ..... being able to visit Dubai so easily!  

In the eleven weeks I've been here, I've flown over to Dubai half a dozen times. The flight takes about an hour, and it's easy to go just for a day trip. So I've been doing exactly that - mainly to visit my tailor, with suitcases full of fabric and pictures of clothes I've pulled off the internet. And boy, has my wardrobe increased spectacularly as a result. 

Dubai feels like home to me, because I lived there a few years ago; so walking around is just like being in my old neighbourhood. A lot of my favourite haunts are still there, though the city has also blossomed like an algal bloom - it's so much bigger than it was when I lived there. I can see the skeleton of the old city I used to know, but now it has a lot more meat on its bones. 

And public transport! It has a metro skytrain that is the best I've ever experienced. The trains come every five minutes on the dot, and a trip costs between $1 and $2.50. I love it. 

So yesterday I took the skytrain to the Burj Khalifa - the tallest tower in the world. "Burj" means tower in Arabic. It's located at the Dubai Mall, which is about the biggest mall in the world, too. I had to take two photos of it, because I couldn't fit it all in the viewfinder - the tower that is, not the mall.  

Omg, words fails me
I wandered around the base of it, and saw a dramatic water fountain show, where there are a thousand water jets all choreographed to music - it sounds tacky, but it's actually quite amazing. I had lunch, and I saw a movie - Burlesue, with Cher, and Cristina Aguilera - and I did a little shopping, before heading off to visit Vinayk (my tailor) for a wardrobe update. 

Ah, Dubai, I love you!


Jennie said...

We'll stop feeling sorry for you, shall we? :-D

Isabella Golightly said...

Yes, over the Christmas malaise and back into life with your usual joie de vivre... I'm so jealous of your proximity to a good, inexpensive tailor and fabric that I can almost forgive you the salt & pepper shakers. Almost. And wait for it, the word verification for this post is 'gasms', as in 'or'. What a hoot!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh my, those salt&pepper shakers are a keeper!! Must send my husband to get some next time he's in the UAE, can't believe i didn't get any for Christmas. Love Posie