Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell from RAMEE SUITES-2

It's my last day in Manama, Bahrain. Tonight, I'm off to Ethiopia for a while, before heading back to Australia. I'm hoping to post a few times while I'm in Africa, but we'll have to see what the internet connections are like ... .

My three months here have gone past like lightning. I've made new friends, visited new places, done new things - and bought lots (and lots!) of new fabric.

In honour of my final day, I felt it was time to introduce you to the many moods of my constant companion during my time here. Ever steady, ever present, ever glowing, ever faithfully red. 
Bahrain, RAMEE SUITES-2 and I bid you a fond farewell.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - one of your more interesting posts...

Jennie said...

Farewell Porno Palace!

(I find your wordy posts quite interesting. Less words doesn't equal more interest over here!)