Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last minute panic-buying

I stepped into the sunlight today and thought again about how I'm leaving in two days' time.

Leaving behind (both here and in Dubai) my tailor, my favourite fabric shops, my notions guy, the souq .... and I got a little bit panicky. I'm leaving! Leaving all this fabric!

So I ducked into a nearby shop - one I've walked past but never been into before - and picked up this amazing silk fabric. It's Indian, and made by stitching together lots of different embroidered borders. It has sequins, metallic threads, beads and ribbons all through it.

I bought two metres (oh, such restraint!) - one of each of a different kind. The first has more shimmer and sparkle than the others. I've no idea what I'm going to use it for .... I would loooove a tailored coat made out of it, but I would need at least double this - about 4 metres - and at $50 a metre that's just a bridge too far, I'm afraid. So two metres will have to do me, and it'll force me to be creative in the way I use it.

I love this fabric, and I think it's the perfect purchase to finalise my stay here in Bahrain. Long live Bahrain!


willywagtail said...

Very happy you made that wise commitment. I can see cushions, journal covers, place mats or runners. Maybe even a bag if it's not too scratchy. Cherrie

Heather said...

WOW only 2 days left in Bahrain. Time does fly when you're busy! Love the fabric purchase and congratulations on only buying 2m. Maybe you could use it to make a waistcoat rather than a coat? Enjoy the trip back to Oz via Africa.

Isabella Golightly said...

I vote for waistcoat. It's gorgeous, so 'magic carpet'!

Hope the trip home isn't too hideous!

ange_moore said...

Waist coats would be prefect in this stuff!

And all the best for a safe journey home.