Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wot I did on my New Year holiday

I made ellyfumps! 

There are six photos here, but there are only three elephants ... each one has different fabric on either side. 

Love this psychedelic retro fabric I got in Beirut ....

....along with this mercerised cotton I got too

All pinks and blues and tiny florals ....

....make this ellyfump perfect for a little girl

While this one here is going....

to my Syrian friend who's expecting a boy in March
This is practically my last burst of sewing, as my sewing machine gets packed up and shipped home on Saturday this week.

I felt an obssessive need to fit in as much creativity as possible before it disappears from my life for three weeks. Is that an oxymoron? Forced creativity?


rabbit and the duck said...

I love the fabric inside the ear on the first elephant, so pretty : ) It would make a lovely dress. Is it an Indian cotton?

hehe the word verification for this comment is 'boing', it made me giggle : )

ange_moore said...

Forced creativity - happens at my place too! Or worse still, the craft itch when your sewing room has been turned into a guest bedroom for a few weeks!

Love those ellifumps!

Sarah said...

They look GREAT! Good job : o )

Jennie said...

I love using the word 'Wot'.

The mention of going three weeks without a sewing machine reminds me mine is 11 months overdue for its annual service. But how can I get it serviced in January when I'm having my holiday from business sewing? I have so much personal sewing to do!