Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ever so quickly .....

.... a little post before My One True Love and I head off to Bendigo to see the Golden Age of Couture exhibition which I have been longing to see ever since it came to Australia.

I just wanted to say that the market went very well yesterday and Love went home with someone else before lunchtime! I was so pleased.

It was a couple who came past, and the bloke noticed it first, but then his lady grabbed it up and cuddled it in just the way it made *me* want to cuddle it once I'd finished it (always trust your instincts, girls, they're usually right) and they said how perfect it would look on their sofa, and they handed over $50 and that was that. Hooray!

And the rest of the day followed that example pretty well. Never mind the gale force wind blowing like a hurricane down High Street, never mind the drizzly bit of rain that made me worry about all my bits and pieces, never mind the fact that there were only six stalls and that most of them appeared to be manned by members of the Hippie Household who actually live across the road from us ... it was a really good day with lots of lovely warm energy, and I think I'm going to make it my second regular monthly market.

But now I must eat toast, for we are going To The Countryside momentarily, and verily we must be off.

(Sorry, went all formal and 19th-century there at you for a minute. I must be excited about the dresses.)

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CurlyPops said...

Congratulations on the market sales. That is fabulous news!