Saturday, February 14, 2009

The headache returns

Just saw Rachel Getting Married. Was not overly impressed, even with Anne Hathaway's big cow eyes, which I ordinarily think are beautiful.

I think it's because my headache has returned. It's in exactly the same place. My right eye feels fat. And as though it's filling up with blood (it's not, don't worry). My right-side sinus is throbbing.

On Tuesday when this happened the first time, when I crawled into bed in the afternoon, I consciously kept twitching my hands and feet - because I thought it I suddenly couldn't move an arm, then I was *definitely* having a stroke, and I would therefore be prepared to do something about it immediately.

Today I'm wondering if maybe it's a really sloooooooooooow stroke that's been slowly leaking blood into my brain since Tuesday.

I hope not. I'm probably just catastrophising.

But I'm going to bed now, and if there are no more posts ever to this blog, you'll know what happened.

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