Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wherefore art thou, mobile phone?

Lordy, I'm in all-day training today, in a tiny little room, with no air, and I think my blood has stopped circulating to my brain.

It's the continuation of a great day, actually, and I'm being super sarcastic when I say that (just in case it doesn't come across in text).

I started out by forgetting my mobile phone. Now, in order to make sense of the desolation this is causing me, you need to know that I work in a field where I am permanently connected to my mobile phone. I live through it. The world reaches me through it. I do my job through it. I practically breathe through the thing.

Without it, I am nothing. Nooooo-oooothing.

As we speak, it is sitting at home on the furry rug on my bed, chirping dolefully to itself and wondering sadly why I am not there to pick it up and cradle it between my ear and neck. I'm sure it's very lonely - we haven't spent this much time apart for a *very* long time. Perhaps it was the last time I travelled overseas and I had to switch the poor thing off for nine hours while we flew into smoggy, smoky India. It took a while to recover from that - refused to connect to the local network in a fit of pique, until I spoke soothingly to it and twiddled its numbers until it giggled.

BUT, (and this is the very, very small mercy that I am grateful for) at least it has my office building pass to keep it company. Yes, I also left that at home today, and so I am confined within my hermetically sealed building and unable to leave as a consequence. I have to borrow a friend's pass just to get out to the bathroom.

So it's just as well I'm in this godawful training, because without my phone I can't do any work, and without a building pass I can't leave!

There's a silver lining to every cloud.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi there :) You are on my blogroll?!? Almost at the top, in fact. I moved you from the bottom section up to my daily reads a few days ago. Check again, and if you're still not seeing it there's obviously something weird and technological going on.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Let me know when you've spotted it, because I really don't want you to feel hurt and un-blog-rolled. :) It's still there! Just a new location!

A xx