Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making every day your best

Our Father of the Internet, it's been two days since my last confession, I mean, post.

And what a couple of days it was. Yesterday the sun went blood red in the morning, from the bushfire smoke drifting across from the state, and there's a smoky smell in the air.

The Amateur Actress had her washing out and now she probably has to do it all over again. The pussins are lying around indoors because they don't like the smell. Is that anything to complain about when 181 people are known to have died, and over 1800 houses destroyed? No, it is not.

The media interest let up a little bit yesterday, so I finally had time yesterday to make a donation. My One True Love and I decided to donate to the fund set up by Wildlife Victoria - because over $100 million has been raised for the human victims of the fire so far, but there are lots of little creatures out there who lost their homes as well, and who need looking after just as much.

Sam the Koala has gone global - and while her story is a very sad one, it's good to know that even a little animal is helping to raise awareness of the scale and magnitude of the tragedy in Victoria. (If you watch the video, it gets a lot clearer at around 1 minute in, so persevere ... or fast-forward.)

YouTube - Koala drinking water from the Bush Fire Tragedy Crisis, Victoria - 7/02/2009

We also did a massive grocery shop at Coles last night (I know, grocery shopping on a Friday night, what wild and exciting married lives we lead) - and Coles was donating all the profits received on the day to the Fund, so that's another few hundred we contributed.

We got a pretty gruesome request at the office too, which came from Mission Australia .... there are lots of people affected by the fires who need suits, ties and shoes, they said, please help.

Suits? I thought. Why on earth would you need a suit?

And then I realised it's because people need to start going to funerals.

So I took in one of My One True Love's old suits, and two ties, because who could refuse to help with a request like that. Later this weekend I'm going to edit my wardrobe and donate everything I haven't worn in 12 months to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Today I am wearing a dutch blue and white striped dress. It has a halterneck, and a full skirt, and I feel a little Marilyn Monroe-ish in it. I've accessorised with my vintage pearls and white sandals; because life is too short to keep things "for best".

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