Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful buttons by LouLou

I woke up this morning and one of the first things I did was caress my lovely blood transport box.

I'm going to line it with pretty paper and use it to store my silks in. Who else do you know will use a human blood carrying case to keep their pretty things in?!

I bet the previous post surprised some of you. It's a lesser-known facet of my personality ... but for some of you who know me well, it won't have come as a surprise at all to see the arch side of my soul emerging for just a moment.

But time now to leave my fascination with medical objects to one side. I will return to it, I'm sure, but right now I need to show you the beautiful things I bought at the Made N Thornbury market from Saturday. You can check out the wrap-up from the day over at Curlypops, she has done a wonderful job of capturing the event!

I have a rule when it comes to markets, and it's this: NO BUYING ANYTHING BEFORE LUNCHTIME. It seems to work ... that way I get to do the rounds of all my lovely neighbour stallholders, and I can spend some time ruminating about all the gorgeous items I'd love to purchase.

I was *very* restrained this time around. I desperately wanted one of the mini totes from Pepperberry & Co, but My One True Love and I are trying to enforce the New Frugality (it's an epoch, believe me), and I knew what he'd say if I came home with yet another gorgeous bag.

So I limited myself to a selection of mini beauties from ButtonsbyLouLou ... (because they're tiny and I knew I could bring them home without them being noticed). Also, my new short crop demands pretty hair ornaments. World of small clips and bobbypins, here I come.

I think my favourite is the badge at the very top. It's so fresh and bright and feminine - the perfect thing to wear to the office on a miserable Melbourne day when everyone else is coccooned in their safety layers of black. Not me, though! Colour ahoy!

Today for example, I am wearing a skirt and top made from a silk cotton I bought in Beijing on holiday a few years ago. It has a yellow base, with blue and red houndstooth print. The skirt is A-line and has a centre pleat with yellow button highlights.

I've teamed it with a cream top underneath, a blue bauble necklace, and low blue heels in exactly the same shade.

Overall, the effect is quite stunning, and usually has *exactly* that effect - it stuns people I work with in the corporate office - and not always in a good way. Some people are frightened of anything other than black, navy and grey.

But not me! I don't do neutrals that well. Colour ahoy, I say, colour ahoy!


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Aw, shucks :-) We should have done a swap! I soooo wanted Catticus and you wanted a mini tote- perfect! But now Catticus is gone :-( Maybe next time!! xx

Neen said...

Hey it was great to meet you at the market on Saturday. It has to be said- I love your love of your Blood Transport Box. An amazing acquisition indeed. But I think you should store your bunny's in there. There is something about Bunny's in a Blood box that just rings true for me somehow. Hee Hee

Tinniegirl said...

You were very restrained. Not me on this occasion but there were too many lovely things that I couldn't leave behind.

Anonymous said...

Love the box! Its great!

I'm the same with the bright colours. I wear unusual things and it can certainly raise eyebrows - but people have shocked themselves and ended up loving it. They are just colour virgins is all!

Gina said...

Clearly you are the Queen of Nuttiness. I approve. I'd hope to post on my market haul (including frightful doorstop) but by the time my real computer gets fixed the moment will probably have passed. If you *must* get rid of that fabric I could help you destash. Or perhaps a swapsie - tell me what sort of stuff you like?

Finki (jay) said...

Color ahoy indeed. I commute daily and love being the odd one out who's not wearing a stuffy suit in shades of grey, blah... to be honest though, there's so much black in the shops for plus size girls, so sometimes it just the accessories that do the color love talk for me. (: I try my best.

Fifi Flowers said...

THose buttons are ADORABLE... LOVE colour!