Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two Hoots and a new quilt

Here's my latest project, I just made it today.

It's a cot quilt (or swaddle, or receiving blanket, or lap quilt, or whatever else you might like to call it) for a colleague at work who's shortly expecting a little girl.

I've made it out of a combination of fabrics - some vintage, some new - and the aim was for it to not be too "girly". So I filled it up with bright colours, but not a lot of pink.

I'm with the mother on this one - if there's one thing in the world I can't abide (and okay, there are many things in fact) it's the Disney pink that little girls seem to be awash in from birth until about the age of nine.

What is it with that fricking colour? Honestly, there are so many other, better colours out there!

So here is my new quilt, in the colours of the rainbow and tied up with a lovely cerulean blue satin ribbon. I put fleece inside as the filler, rather than quilt wadding, and I finished it off with a red pinwale corduroy on the reverse side. I hope she likes it!

And I've made these two little guys in recent days as well.

The pink one with orange eyes is my Hepatitis Hoot. I think he looks a bit under the weather - which is appropriate, given that I made him while I've been sick for the last week.

The yellow one is Chirpy Hoot, because he's yellow like a hen.


Gina said...

'Just' made it today, eh? Just whipped up a STINKING GORGEOUS quilt in a few hours on a Saturday, eh? Talented so-and-so.

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I'm sorry, did you say today? As in just today? As in you JUST threw together a WHOLE quilt in ONE day? That is insane. I haven't taken up quilting, but I plan to, and I've planned on dedicating SIX MONTHS to a quilt! And here you are, just popping one out a day.

Insanely. Jealous. Right. Now.

My Black Cardigan said...

10 points for actively avoiding pink. As a relatively new mum, I can vouch that it's often not the parents who choose pink. As soon as some people hear "it's a girl", you are showered in pink presents. I'm not being ungrateful at all. Just honest.

Mountaingirl said...

That's Beeyoodiful! Just gorgeous. I agree about the pink, though when most little girls get to about 2 or 3 they choose it for themselves, and there's not a whole lot to be done but let them have their own "voice" in the matter!

Vanessa said...

Love the quilt! Can't believe you did it in one day!
And with you about the pink. If we have a girl, there will be minimal pink in sight!! Give me lots of yellows, purples, greens and reds please!! Colour is such an amazing thing to waste on pasty pink!!
Hope you are feeling better!

Flickettysplits said...

I feel compelled to clarify: it's a cot quilt, so it's only tiny! Just a little under a metre square, with only a hundred fabric patches to sew together, so it was easy to make in a day. My big quilt, the one that goes on a double bed, THAT one took me months!

mysterycreature said...

How could she not like it? It's lovely, and I am completely with you on the "not too girly" thing - I don't understand why boys are blue and girls pink. There are so many other lovely colours out there!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Still a good effort to do that in a day. You are powering through your crafting. Go girl!
Also, tagged you for a blog award. Details on my blog. Lou.

Flickettysplits said...

Thanks for the award Lou! I just caught up with it ... I am very honoured.

Christy said...

Ooh I love love love these new hoots, and your new quilt.

My Fiona just loves her Hoot, by the way. We pick it up in front of her and say hoot hoot and flap it's wings and she laughs and laughs! So adorable!

two hippos said...

Great blanket. And I am SO with you on the pink, ugh. And prior to the 1930s, pink was the boy color anyways...