Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've got the sick

What is the onomatopaeic sound of a sore throat?

I ask because I've got it. I've got the sick. If I were writing this phonetically it would sound like this:

"I've godd de sick. By throad is all swoahden up an dit's hard to swaddow. I hab a fad tongue! Id feels like subwund pud a razor inside by deck and scraybed id ub and down. "

So no work today.

Instead, I'm joining in with Tinniegirl's week of Loot, Glorious Loot, and today I'm showing off the marvellous buttons I got at Camberwell market on the weekend (where I also got the spectacular blood box. Oh how I love you, my beautiful blood box.)

These buttons are fabulous, they're all bigger than a 20cent piece - which makes them the perfect size for eyes on my soft toys. And what amazing colours! Have I mentioned lately how much I love colours? Colourful buttons rock.

Looking closely, you'll see two tiny black ones at the front with diamantes in the centre. They remind me of diamonds set in jet, one of my favourite jewellery settings. These two lovelies came from CravingsFrocks at the Thornubury market on Saturday. They're beautiful, and they're my favourite.

See also the benzoic acid apothecary jar I mentioned a couple of posts back? I love this jar too.

Right now though, it's time to go back to bed.

As a parting gesture, here is a photo of Grimth the devil cat enjoying my blood box as well.

See, it has a very broad appeal - not just to me and my weird obsession.


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Ooh, I've godd de sick too! Oink?

Nice buttons!

Flickettysplits said...

Ha, two sicks from one market! I spot a common germ, methinks. If it's swine flu it's ok - there's a cure - it's an oinkment. (ha! ha! That was terrible, I know.)

CurlyPops said...

Oh no! I've been sick all week too - haven't been to work, haven't sewn anything - just been eating chicken soup and toast!

CurlyPops said...

Lucky it wasn't pork soup.... another really bad joke

Tinniegirl said...

I seem to have escaped the market unscathed. Thank goodness.

Those buttons look gorgeous.

I hope you are back in the land of the well real soon.

Flickettysplits said...

Three of us sick! Maybe it's the aporkalypse??

(Okay, I promise to stop with the bad jokes.)

bubbachenille said...

OOOOh I hate sore throats, hope you feel better soon. Speaking of new aquisitions! , tin boxes etc, check out what I got on the weekend. Blood never went in it sorry, but hats did !!!!

Cravings Frocks said...

I had the sick last week, I hope I didn't sneeze all over my business cards and infect everyone else...

Glad you found those buttons! They are actually courtesy of my mum's half of the stall. Good onya Mum!

Vanessa said...

eep sick people, stay away from the pregnant people!!
Get better soon mate and I love the blood box! That is the girl I remember!!! It is good that someone else has a morbid sense of humour like me!! hehe
Rest and relax!

Jenaveve said...

Hope you get rid of the sick real quick. I just love Grimth - what a poser! :)

I've written a little spiel about 'all toile' on my blog, hope you enjoy.

My Black Cardigan said...

Bottle of buttons = fun fun fun

Being sick = yuck yuck yuck

Blood Box = still thinking about what to write about this.... I want to be as excited as you but I think I'm too scared. Imagine the stories it could tell. How about... I'm excited FOR you...!!

Mountaingirl said...

... and the Buffy DVD's sitting nearby the blood box... how very apt! Hope you feel better soon.(and are overloading on DVD's and junk food)