Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The crowning jewel of the Castle Bag story

One of the best things about best friends are the little private jokes you enjoy. The shared history that comes from having been friends for years, the words you can exchange just through a simple look, the absolute knowing-you-to-your-core capacity that develops only with care, patience and time.

The Castle Bag poem (see post below) for the Sister Of My Heart isn't the only Spencer and Rutherford poem we've written each other.

There was a period of time there where we wrote SMS poetry to each other about our various bags we were using that day, and things like that. I do love an ongoing interaction, one that gets richer with every shared exchange.

And that's why I was so delighted when some time ago, more than two years after I first wrote the Castle Bag poem, a NEW stanza turned up in my inbox! It was on the eve of the Sister Of My Heart going out to the ballet one night (you'll understand). It's taken me some time to find it, as I never delete any of her emails and that means there are a LOT of them to search through.

So without further ado, this is the second half of the poem that I will be entering into the Spencer and Rutherford bag competition, on our behalf, along with the full story of the Castle Bag and the depth and succour of our friendship:

O Castle Bag
O Castle Bag
I'll take you to the ballet
Where everyone
Can marvel at
Your atmospheric chalet!

As the Sister Of My Heart so eloquently put it: "I'm sure the chances of either of us winning are synergistically boosted by several orders of magnitude if it's presented as an ongoing interaction rather than a one-off piece of creative genius."

And thus they shall, as they were always intended to be.

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mysterycreature said...

Brilliant! You're both talented in a brilliantly bag obsessed way!