Thursday, May 28, 2009

A trip to hospital

Ah, it's a sad day today. 

Remember that service I told you about? The service my poor old Bernina sewing machine needs? The one it's needed for oh, about six months now, desperately?

Well, the time has come. 

I've packed the sore and sorry thing into its travelling case, and tomorrow it's taking a trip to Camberwell Sewing Centre, for its first service ever.

I've whispered words of encouragement to it. I've said Don't worry little sewing machine, they're going to make you feel better. It won't hurt a bit, I've said. Before you know it you'll be good as new. And won't it feel good to sew without missing stitches anymore? Of course it will.

But it's hard, taking your loved one to the sewing hospital. Knowing that you have to leave them there, in the dark, all alone. 

What if it gets scared? What if it misses me? Who'll be there to wipe away the little drops of sewing oil rolling down its shafts and cranks?

I think I'm only strong enough to do it because I'm going away for ten days. Ten days without my beloved machine! It's like cutting off an arm and asking me to do embroidery with the one arm left. 

It'd be worse though, if I was at HOME with no lovely sewing machine for ten days. Now that would be an agony I couldn't bear.

So it's just as well I'm going to be eating, drinking, sleeping and swimming instead. It'll help keep my mind off things.


Tania said...

Hmm. I'm a bit concerned if there is a cat. Where are you sending him?

(have a fab time and pack a crochet hook!)

Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

Have a great trip. Rather than hospital, think of your sewing machine going on a holiday. Lucky thing! In 10 days, you'll both be refreshed and ready to get busy together again!!

Cravings Frocks said...

I trust my Bernina with the good people at Camberwell. Think of it as a spa resort for your sewing machine - it'll get massaged and exercised and oiled up, and get to meet heaps of new sewing machines. And it doesn't even have to worry about 'consequences'.

myf said...

my overlocker just got serviced (brought back from the dead). now it's my skinny purse i feel sorry for :(

m.e (Cathie) said...

enjoy your seperate holidays, when you meet again it will be love at first site again :)
ofcourse you'll miss each other though :(

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

have a great holiday!

Vanessa said...

Enjoy your break and don't miss your sewing machine too much!!
It will have a great holiday without you and be ready to work hard when you return!
Have a great time!!
Ness xx

Anonymous said...

Aw, good luck to the sewing machine, Isn't it an odd world we live in...