Monday, June 1, 2009


Hooray! After close to 19 hours of driving over the course of two days, My One True Love and I are finally in Coffs Harbour! Whoo hoo!! And we didn't even die on the Pacific Highway along the way. This is an achievement.

I'm all excited. I don't know what to do first. The Big Banana? The Pet Porpoise Pool? Korora Beach? The Coffs Harbour Spotlight?

Actually I shouldn't joke about that. We'd only been driving for one-and-a-half hours on Saturday morning when I made my first holiday fabric purchase.

Well, you can't blame me... we'd stopped for a snack in Benalla (him: coffee scroll, me: vanilla slice, or as our friend Pommy John likes to call them, a "snot block" .... eeeuuuwww). And there was a CWA fete right there beside the bakery. For overseas readers, the CWA stands for Country Women's Association, and they are FA-mous for their fetes and jams and cake days.

And look at this great material I got, for the bargain bin price of $2! I think my favourite is the mustard-y, lime-y, lemon-y Seventies piece.

The old apricot-flowered tablecloth is going to be cut up and go into one of the three new quilts that have been ordered for various babies arriving shortly. The aqua piece is very interesting too, I thought it had pictures of goldfish all over it, but in fact they're stylised fauns - like Bambi - except they've got their heads at very strange angles and kind of look like their necks are broken. I think that's part of the reason I like it. And at the back is a simple white cotton with coloured pinstripes on it. That'll go nicely into the quilts too.

So now that we're actually HERE in Coffs, having broken the journey briefly in the Blue Mountains and caught up with the Sister Of My Heart, Mountaingirl, and the Sober Judge, (photo of his new Hoot attached here) ... is it wrong to be longing to explore the new local fabric shops up here first???

I promised My One True Love that I wouldn't bring the sewing machine on this trip, and I made sure I was true to my word by dropping it off at the health spa that is Camberwell Sewing Centre.

I miss it already ... sniffle .... sob ....

But we are on holiday, and so I must be brave. I can't wait to look around Coffs and revisit some of my favourite childhood haunts (not just the Spotlight).

Coffs is where we used to come for our family holidays when I was small ... I have a number of seminal memories which are centred around Coffs Habour, and I shall reveal these to you slowly over the coming few days ... so stay tuned!


Christy said...

Have a wonderful vacation! That place sounds awesome!

rabbit and the duck said...

It is totally acceptable, if not essential, to check out those fabric stores. You never know what delicious bargains you might find. Enjoy your trip : )

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

hey ya, you are here! Spots I mentioned to you via email the other day are not open today (ie where my Chef works ) but is open on Wed. have a lovely time...have you been out to Sawtell? my rabbits are in a great shop there called First ave Boutique, on the main drag of Sawtell- the cafe next door to it has the best food and coffee- ENJOY!!!

Tania said...

Lucky, lucky ducks! It's freezing back here. And grey. And, well, winter. Enjoy your brief bit of sort of summer...