Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The beautiful Dorrigo bakery

Aha ... Dorrigo bakery is still there! Look, here's the evidential proof.

My father walked into the shop and announced proudly: "Last time we were here was 23 years ago, and the bread was so good we thought we'd come back for some more!"

Did I mention we were here with my parents as well?

We bought two of the massive high-top loaves, as well as four sausage rolls, and a giant vanilla slice. That kept us going for a while .... as we wandered around the little shops there and found some nice second-hand bits and pieces, like a collection of bowls and plates from the old Lismore Convent (perhaps slightly too holy for us I think, but we'll eat off it happily!).

We didn't find an old hatbox though, which is the thing we're actually looking for. Fatpuss has decided he loves to sleep in our suitcase, and we've decided we'd rather he slept in one we don't care about, given the amount of black fur he sheds all over it in the process. So we thought an ancient old hatbox would be perfect for him to curl up in - it's round, and nice and deep - but can we find one anywhere? No we can not.

So we went on to visit Dangar Falls, which is absolutely teeming with water at the moment. Remember that nice sunny holiday we were coming away for? Well it has rained every single day since we got here. Sigh.

But never mind ... we've still been able to sleep in, and read, and eat (eat! like you wouldn't believe! I can practically feel my waistband getting tighter each day). And of course rainy weather is the best kind of weather to visit Spotlight in.... and visit it I did, and I will take a photo of all the marvellous material I got, before too long ....

And we went to Bellingen and had a good coffee - the Lodge Cafe was closed unfortunately! - and I found a nice present for the Amateur Actress, who is looking after our three furry babies while we're away, and My One True Love bought some shoes, and then we came home for a fantastic dinner and then fell into bed exhausted.

Today is the Big Banana day, and visiting some cousins, and going to the beach.


Finki (jay) said...

reminds me so much of my dad. He would always walk in and announce things just like that.
So nice for you to be able to revisit some of the old haunts.
We just got back for Adelaide where i was on an op shop hunt for an old suitcase.....the search continues sadly, but I'll keep an eye out for hat boxes for fat puss too.

m.e (Cathie) said...

dads hey, are they all made out of a similar mould :)
bakeries...mmmmm, I can smell the bread baking now.

Gina said...

I'm enjoying holiday of yours vicariously... I'm an Armidale lass and we used to drive to the coast via Bellingen and Dorrigo a few times a year. *Sigh*, I'd love to be walking to Dangars falls right now...

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Stop it! You're making me hungry and thirsty and wanting to be meandering down cobblestoned lanes in the country eating freshly baked sourdough bread with melted vegan butter.

Can you tell I'm jealous?? Enjoy!!!

Mountaingirl said...

Oh man oh MAN that bread looks good. *drool* mmmmmmm... cant think... what??


Glad you're having a great time :-)